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Find information for parents including reviews, photos, character descriptions, and articles about kids movies and DVDs.
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2013 Theatrical Releases

Monsters University

Find movie reviews, trailers, character descriptions, and other info for parents about recent and upcoming movie releases.

Educational DVDs


With the abundance of learning DVDs on the market, TV time can be fun and educational. No matter what subject kids want to know about, there is most likely an informative DVD available to make the learning process fun.

Movies by Subject

Space Buddies

Kids often become fascinated by certain subjects such as space, animals, or sports. Here are some lists by subject, so that you can find DVDs that educate and entertain based on your child's favorite topics.

Holiday Movies


Holiday themed movies and specials provide a fun and easy way to get into the spirit of the season. Whether it's Easter springtime or Halloween, kids especially love to watch themed movies and specials featuring their favorite characters celebrating the special days of the year.

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