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My Little Pony Live!: The World's Biggest Tea Party - DVD Review

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My LittlePony Live
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MPAA Rating: G
Genre: Childrens/ Live show
Runtime: Approx. 65 minutes
Target Age Group: Preschoolers
Release date: September 19, 2008

My Little Pony Live!: The World's Biggest Tea Party - Overview

World's Biggest Tea Party is a recorded show from the My Little Pony Live! tour. Viewing children can see the show just like the kids who were actually there. The musical show features costumed actors playing the ponies and other characters.

In World's Biggest Tea Party, the ponies are deliberating over what they want to do for fun. They decide to put on the biggest tea party ever, and each pony is assigned something to bring. Kids can sing and dance along as they watch the ponies prepare for the party by sending invitations, finding fancy things to wear, learning the "I'm a Little Teapot" song, and more.

Everything seems to be going perfectly, until Pinkie Pie realizes that she forgot the most important thing -- the tea! How will the ponies have a tea party with no tea? With friendship and teamwork, the ponies always find a way.

My Little Pony Live!: The World's Biggest Tea Party - Guide Review

Although watching a show on DVD is never as good as being there, My Little Pony Live! does contain enough music and story to keep kids' attention. The story isn't super profound, but it's musical and contains a lot of frou frou fun for little girls. The characters easily engage kids with colorful costumes and animated body language, and the sets just couldn't get any princessy flowery pinker!

Throughout the movie, I found myself wondering how people dance around in those pony costumes, and how do they move the mouths at the same time? I really wish the DVD would have included a featurette about the making of the show. A behind-the-scenes feature would have been interesting for parents and kids, and would have added to the value of the DVD.

My Little Pony Live!: The World's Biggest Tea Party - DVD Bonus Features

  • Sing-Along-Songs: Animated cartoons of the singing ponies provide the visual background, and the words appear at the bottom of the screen for each of the following songs:
    • "Where Do Rainbows Come From?"
    • "Make a New Friend Everyday"
    • "Positively Pink"
    • "Friendship and Flowers"
    • "We're the Lady Bugs"
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