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The Naked Brothers Band - TV Show Review

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The Naked Brothers Band

Alex Wolff (Alex), Nat Wolff (Nat) and Cooper Pillot (Cooper) Second row: Allie Di Mecco (Rosalina), David Levi (David), and Qaasim Middleton (Qaasim) Back: Thomas Batuello (Thomas)

Photo credit: Barbara Nitke / Nickelodeon
TV Rating: TV-Y7
Age Range: 9-14 yrs.
Episode length: Approx. 30 minutes
Network: Nickelodeon

The Naked Brothers Band - Overview

The Naked Brothers Band TV series follows real-life brothers 11-year-old Nat and 8-year-old Alex Wolff (ages at the time of the 1st season premiere in 2007), along with their real-life friends/band members as they tour under the name The Naked Brothers Band. The mocumentary is based on the band that was started by Nat and Alex when they were in preschool, and focuses not only on the incredible musical talent of the band, but also on the friendships that get them through the challenges of life as kid rock stars.

Each band member plays a different part in the band, and also in the interactions that occur off-stage. Replete with childhood concerns, silly pranks and dealings with obsessed fans, the show offers a comical look at pre-teen life that many kids can relate to. But also, as kid rock stars, the band members give everyday kids a look into a different world - a world of fame and stardom where kids pretty much rule and don't have to bother with things like going to school every day.

The show debuted as a movie, with the TV series picking up where the movie left off. The Naked Brothers Band series was an immediate success in its first season, quickly becoming one of the top-rated shows among kids ages 6-14. Kids love the show and the music. The Naked Brothers Band continues to add to the franchise with new CDs and DVD movies, and Season 1 of the show is also available on DVD.

The Naked Brothers BandPhoto credit: Nickelodeon

The Naked Brothers Band - Guide Review for Parents

First and foremost, The Naked Brothers Band is about the friendship and the music. The kid band members are very talented, and they show kids at home that it really is possible to live out your dreams. Many of the episodes revolve around things like writing songs and making music videos, but the meat of the content centers around the friendships, and of course, the girl-boy relationships.

As kids do, both the Wolff brothers and other members of the band get into arguments and fights every now and then, but the overall portrayal of both the brothers' relationship and the relationships between band members is positive. Nat and Alex have an endearing brotherly bond, and they always end up standing by each other.

Often, however, the kids' personalities contain quite a bit of attitude, and the boys often exhibit behavior and use language that parents would probably not want their kids to imitate. The word "buttface" and some other variations on the word "butt" are very popular on the show, for example. Alex places great emphasis on his fashion style, which includes tattoos on his arms. The babysitter/tutor, Jesse, also sports several tattoos (in honor of her boyfriends), which can be easily seen thanks to her revealing wardrobe.

Also, while male-female relationships are kept in the realm of awkward adolescence, the topic of boys and girls is a constant on the show. Even the younger brother, Alex, is often talking about girls and making comments about kissing. The main focus of romance on the show, has been Nat's crush on Rosalina, the band's base player who is two years older than he is. Nat and Rosalina finally became a couple and kissed, but season 3 may introduce some challenges in their relationship.

On the show, the Wolff brothers answer to the babysitter or to their funny, carefree dad. In other words, they are pretty much free to do as they please. The band members seem to live the dream life, with fame, fortune, and very little adult supervision. But, the adults in the the lives of viewing children may be cautious about the lifestyle example set by the kids on the show. For those who want to preview the show before kids watch, the Nickelodeon website has episodes and other video available to watch.

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