1. Parenting
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Parental Control Tools

Information to help parents who want to limit children's viewing of movies and TV through blocks and filters.

Parental Control Technology
Read an overview of the different types of technologies available to help parents control children's media consumption. Find out about the V-chip, blocking devices, and filtering technology.

Movie and Television Filtering Technologies
Read about options available to filter or edit offensive content from movies and television. Find out how to buy or rent edited movies.

Television Blocking Technologies
Read about television blocking technologies which can aid parents in controlling and monitoring what children watch.

Cable TV Parental Controls
Find instructions on how to configure parental controls in your TV and Cable equipment.

How to Set Parental Controls for Your DIRECTV System
Read about how to use the "Locks and Limits" feature DIRECTV offers to restrict unsupervised TV viewing however you please.

UltraViolet Movie Management
UltraViolet Digital Collection - You see it on you Blu-ray covers, but what is it and how can you use it to manage your families movie collection?

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