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Johnny Depp lends his voice to a chameleon with an identity crisis in the movie Rango. Set in the middle of the Mohave Desert, the movie has a Wild West feel with a musical score by Hans Zimmer and original Norteño songs by Los Lobos. An animated owl quartet (voiced by Los Lobos) acts as a sort of Greek chorus throughout the movie, following Rango as his heroism is put to the test. Click on the images below to see a larger image and find out more about the characters and the story.
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RangoRangoRango and BeansRango and BeansRango and Mr. TimmsRango & Mr. TimmsRango OwlsMariachi Owls
Priscilla in RangoPriscilla from RangoRattlesnake Jake from RangoRattlesnake JakeRangoPosse Walks Back Into TownRango and the MayorRango & The Mayor
RangoRango and the PosseRoadkillRoadkillWounded BirdRango and Wounded BirdRangoBalthazar & Jedidiah
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