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Elmo's Potty Time

Review for Parents

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Elmo's Potty Time

Baby Elmo in Elmo's Potty Time

Photo credit: Sesame Street
MPAA Rating: NA
Genre: Childrens educational/potty training
Runtime: approx. 45 minutes

Elmo's Potty Time - Synopsis

Elmo and his dad have fond memories of the time when Elmo was a baby and learning to use the potty, and Elmo is very proud that he is now a "big boy" who can use the potty all by himself. Elmo discusses using the potty, addressing his comments to viewing children, as he remembers his own experiences and also talks to other Sesame Street characters about their potty time trials and successes.

Using song, humor, and strait-forward discussion, Elmo's Potty Time helps children develop a positive, excited attitude about being potty trained. In addition, Elmo and his Sesame Street friends teach kids that it is OK to have an accident, but it is also important to keep trying.

Elmo's Potty Time - Guide Review

Elmo's Potty Time

Prairie Dawn and her Mother in Elmo's Potty Time

Photo credit: Sesame Street

Elmo relates to young children, and his exhuberance is infectious. These qualities, among others, have helped establish Elmo an absolute cultural icon, and they are the very qualities that make him the perfect character to discuss potty training with kids.

While for grown-ups it is strange to hear the well-known Muppets of Sesame Street talking about "poo poo" and "pee pee," the way Elmo and other characters address the potty issues in such an easy manner is comforting and encouraging to kids. Supported by simple yet catchy songs, the quality content of the lessons and examples in Elmo's Potty Time helps children overcome fears and become excited about using the potty.

The only drawback to the DVD is the running time. The DVD is 45 minutes long, and kids can become bored or overwhelmed. While the content is good, some parts of the movie drag a bit.

Elmo's Potty Time - Expand Upon the Curriculum

  • The DVD includes a printed parent guide with tips on how learning how learning to "go potty" can be a reassuring and positive experience for any child. The tips can help in developing a plan for your child and how to make the potty experience as easy as possible.
  • Use an Elmo doll and let your child "teach" Elmo how to use the potty. Playing through experiences, fears, or the process of learning something new helps children become comfortable and confident.
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