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Sesame Street: Follow That Bird - DVD Review

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Follow That Bird
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Bottom line: Sesame Street: Follow That Bird brings back childhood memories with the story that follows Big Bird on a gripping (for little children) cross-country adventure that is sometimes a little scary and sometimes a little sad, but always entertaining.

MPAA Rating: G
Genre: Childrens/Adventure
Guide Age Recomendation: 3 - 7 years, anyone who loved the movie as a child
Runtime: Approx. 88 minutes

Sesame Street: Follow That Bird - Overview

When a social worker bird with her beak in everyone's business decides that Big Bird ought to be living with his own kind, she convinces him to move away from Sesame Street and live with a new foster family -- the Dodos. Big Bird flies (on a plane) to Illinois, excited to meet his new family, but he soon realizes that he is just not going to fit in. Besides that, he really misses his friends back on Sesame Street, and they miss him too.

Big Bird decides to run away from the Dodo house and get back to Sesame Street, but he's all alone -- or so he thinks. Big Bird's friends back at Sesame Street are determined to help him get home as well. Gordon, Maria, Oscar and other favorites from Sesame Street set off on a race to find Big Bird and bring him home. Can they find him before he runs into big trouble along the way?

Sesame Street: Follow That Bird - Guide Review

If you're old enough to be a parent, you may remember watching Follow That Bird as a kid. Most of us will never forget Big Bird innocently clomping down rural country roads being chased by Ms. Finch and hunted by a couple of goofy bad guys who want to find a way to make some money off of Big Bird's situation.

Follow That Bird is the first Sesame Street movie made, and what a movie it is. The exciting adventure illustrates what Sesame Street is so good at -- bringing media to kids in a way that is right on their level and perfectly captures their interest and their emotions. Kids may get a bit frightened or sad right along with Big Bird as he travels across the country all alone trying to find his way home, but they will also experience his joy when he is reunited with his best friends. With the wonderful story, moving music and classic characters, kids will be on the edge of their seats throughout the 88 minute show.

Sesame Street: Follow That Bird - 25th Anniversary Deluxe Edition Bonus Features

  • Interview with Caroll Spinney, Voice of Big Bird
  • Singalong: "Easy Goin' Day," "Grouch Anthem," and "One Little Star"
  • Jump to a Song: 7 songs total
  • Theatrical Trailer
  • DVD-Rom Downloadable Coloring Sheets
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