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Sid the Science Kid - TV Show Review

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Sid the Science Kid
TV Rating: TV-Y (All Children)
Episode Length: Approx. 30 minutes
Target Age Group: 3-6 years
Network: PBS KIDS (check local listings)

Sid the Science Kid - Summary

Co-produced by The Jim Henson Company and KCET/Los Angeles for PBS KIDS, Sid the Science Kid is a half hour computer-animated program for preschoolers. Always wondering "why?" or "how?," Sid's inquisitive nature and zeal for learning make science a natural part of his every day life. Sid can't rest until he finds the answers to his questions about life and the world around him, and since he has a lot of questions, he's a very busy kid.

Each episode of Sid the Science Kid finds Sid in his room with a scientific conundrum. When he goes downstairs for breakfast, his mom is always there to help him explore the topic online, while Dad makes silly jokes. Then it's time for Sid to head to school, where his friends and teacher give him additional insight into the question of the day. By the time he's ready to head back home, Sid has a good handle on his newfound knowledge, and he is ready to share it with his family and put it into practice.

Sid the Science KidPhoto © PBS KIDS

Sid the Science Kid - Guide Review

Sid gives new meaning to the word "enthusiasm," and his zeal for life and learning is contagious. More important than knowing the ABCs and 123s is a preschoolers desire to ask questions and figure out answers. Being able to spew out facts is not as useful as being able to problem solve and think. Sid the Science Kid encourages thinking and problem solving through Sid's example in each episode, and the show makes this type of learning seem fun and natural.

Kids also learn about scientific facts and science tools, though, as they watch Sid go through the process of questioning, exploration, and discovery. The show does not aim to be interactive, as many preschoolers' shows do these days, but Sid does encourage viewers to try the learning and exploring that he is doing. It's actually kind of refreshing not to have the requests for viewing children to participate followed by the seconds of character eye-blinking in wait for a response (which will likely never come since most kids just sit there and blink back).

Sid the Science Kid is more suited for older preschoolers, as the characters use some sophisticated words for the age group, and the show is not as flashy and fast-paced as some. There are aspects of the show that appeal to preschoolers of all ages, though, such as the snappy music and the kid comical character interactions. Parents may also enjoy watching the show, as the topics give parents and caregivers great ideas for ways to engage preschoolers in scientific discovery at home or anywhere.

Sid the Science Kid - Expand Upon the Curriculum

  • The PBS Sid the Science Kid website contains games and activities to help further kids' scientific exploration. The site also offers helpful ideas for parents.
  • Allow kids to try out the activities and experiments they see on Sid the Science Kid after they watch each episode. The materials needed can generally be found around the house, and kids will be excited about the topic and the hands-on experience.
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