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Top 4 Kids' TV Shows That Feature Spanish Words and Latino Customs or Characters


Many preschoolers' TV shows have now incorporated Latino characters and at least a few Spanish words here and there. These shows provide a fun opportunity for kids to learn about other cultures, or to see a show influenced by their own cultural heritage. Here is a list of shows for preschoolers that feature Latino characters and lots of Spanish words:

1. Handy Manny

Handy Manny, a CG-animated series for preschoolers, relates the experiences and adventures of Manny Garcia, the owner of a repair shop in the quiet, friendly community of Sheetrock Hills. The show features Latin-style music (the theme song is performed by "Los Lobos") and an ethnically diverse community of characters.

2. Go, Diego, Go!

Dora the Explorer spin-off Go, Diego, Go! stars Dora’s eight-year-old cousin, Diego, a bilingual animal rescuer who has the ability to talk to animals. Diego takes preschoolers on interactive journeys inspired by the rich environments of Latin America and by the animals that make their homes in those habitats. The show is flavored with Spanish words and Latin American music, folktales and traditions.

3. Dora the Explorer

Preschool super star Dora the Explorer takes kids on a fun learning adventure, teaching them Spanish words and phrases in every episode. Along with her best friend Boots, Dora also helps kids develop thinking and problem solving skills. Dora the Explorer airs daily on Nick Jr.

4. Maya & Miguel

Maya & miguel presents culture and language learning as fun, relevant and rewarding for all children, with a special emphasis on the Latino population. The show chronicles the adventures, and sometimes misadventures, of 10-year-old twins Maya and Miguel Santos and features their family, friends and a richly diverse neighborhood. Maya & Miguel airs on PBS Kids, check local listings for times.
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