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Bot, Geo, & Milli from 'Team Umizoomi'


Team Umizoomi
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Bot, Geo and Milli, along with their Umifriends (viewing children), make up the team on the Nick Jr. series for preschoolers, Team Umizoomi. Geo, Milli, their best friend Bot, and their friends use mighty math powers to come to the aid of kids who need them. Here is a little more about each character:

Bot (voice of Donovan Patton) provides the intelligence and insight for Milli and Geo on Team Umizoomi. When kids need help with a problem or situation, they call Team Umizoomi on Bot's Bellyscreen. Bot's TV screen/computer tummy allows Team Umizoomi to talk with the child and check in. His Bellyscreen also provides information Team Umizoomi might need as they work to help the kids of Umi City.

Geo (voice of Ethan Kempner) is Milli's brother and part of the team on Team Umizoomi. Geo is a master builder who can build anything with his shapes, and his creations come in handy as Geo, Milli, and their best friend Bot overcome challenges along their way.

Milli (voice of Sophia Fox) is Geo's sister. Milli has a unique dress that can match any pattern, or even come up with an outrageous new one. Not only that, but her pigtails can grow out to become a thermometer, a scale, or a ruler. "Milli, Measure!

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