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The Backyardigans Characters

Pablo, Tyrone, Uniqua, Tasha and Austin Are The Backyardigans


The Backyardigans

The pals who make up The Backyardigans are: Pablo, Tyrone, Uniqua, Tasha, and Austin

Photo Credit: Nickelodeon
The Backyardigans, Nick Jr.'s show for preschoolers, entertains kids while encouraging them to use their imaginations. In each episode, the Backyardigans characters meet in their backyards to go on an exciting adventure. Their imaginative excursions are richly enhanced by their adorable songs and choreographed dancing. The CGI animated characters sing and dance in a different musical genre each episode, and each character has a unique personality and a lot of style:

  • Pablo: Enthusiastic and energetic, Pablo the penguin is always ready for adventure. He gets a little anxious and excited when facing a scary situation, but he's always there for his friends.
  • Tyrone: He's Pablo's best friend, and Tyrone is a young Moose who could get along with anyone. An easy-going kind of guy, Tyrone is always up for whatever adventure lies ahead.
  • Uniqua: A unique type of creature who looks somewhat like a cute pink polka-dotted bug, Uniqua is confident and outgoing. She is brave and fun, but unpretentious.
  • Tasha: She's a sweet, girlish hippo who has a flare for dramatic roles like the "princess of Egypt."
  • Austin: A purple kangaroo whose shyness often becomes mysterious, Austin is resourceful and can often be found helping others.
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