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Top 10 Backyardigans DVDs


The Backyardigans TV show for preschoolers is unbelievably cute and fun, and each episode is themed with a different style of music and dancing. In addition to exposing kids to all different types of music, the show encourages kids to use their imaginations by modeling fun, creative play. Here is a list of the top Backyardigans DVDs available.

1. The Backyardigans: Robot Repairman (2009)

The Backyardigans: Robot Repairman
Photo © PHE
The Backyardigans is one of the best shows for preschoolers ever made, and the full-length features based on the film have been second to none. Like Tale of the Mighty Knights and Super Secret Super Spy, Robot Repairman is pure greatness for preschoolers. The tale about robot repairman Austin and his battle with an army of robots on a rampage is set to a rockin' roller disco soundtrack that kids will love and parents will adore as well. Very cute movie for boys or girls.

2. The Backyardigans: Tale of the Mighty Knights (2008)

Backyardigans Tale of the Mighty Knights
Photo © Paramount Home Entertainment
Adam Pascal, Tony-nominated Broadway star, narrates Tale of the Mighty Knights, as royal knights Uniqua and Tyrone do mighty deeds in service to their King (Pablo). Set to a rock opera soundtrack, the knights visit Goblin Land, Fairyland, and finally Dragon Mountain, where they face a mighty baby dragon (Adam Pascal). This punny double-length feature is clever and hilarious -- a must own for Backyardigans fans young and old.

3. The Backyardigans: Super Secret Super Spy (2007)

The Backyardigans
Photo © Nick Jr.
This DVD may be for preschoolers, but it is one that parents my enjoy watching along with their kids. Action, adventure and intrigue characterize this first ever full-length Backyardigans movie. Set to a lively soundtrack of hip jazz (with Cyndi Lauper performing the theme song), the James Bond style story finds Pablo, a.k.a. Agent Secret, with an assignment to save the world by stopping the infamous Lady in Pink (Uniqua) from obtaining three mysterious containers with unknown contents.

4. The Backyardigans: Join the Adventurers Club (2010)

The Backyardigans
Photo © PHE
Still going strong, the first Backyardigans DVD release in 2010, Join the Adventurers Club, contains four exciting Backyardigans adventures including "Follow That Feather," featuring the gang on a search for the polka-dotted pony. The episode is set to Psychedelic Rock music.
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5. The Backyardigans: Mighty Match-Up (2008)

Photo © Paramount Home Entertainment/Nick Jr.
The Backyardigans:Mighty Match-Up includes the episode, "Match on Mt. Olympus," which aired on Nickelodeon on Monday, August 4 as part of Nick's Olympic-themed premiere line-up. The episode finds the beloved Backyardigans in ancient Greece on a journey to the gods set to Samba music. Other episodes included on this DVD: "The Great Dolphin Race," "Ranch Hands from Outer Space," and "Caveman's Best Friend."
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6. The Backyardigans: High Flying Adventures (2008)

Photo © Nickelodeon/Paramount Home Entertainment
Fly high with the Backyardigans in these four musical episodes: "Fly Girl" (featuring fifties music), "What's Bugging You?" (Rumba), "Who Goes There?" (Flamenco), "Chichen-itza Pizza" (college fight songs). That's right, and episode set to college fight song-style music. I love the Backyardigans!
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7. The Backyardigans - Surf's Up (DVD) (2006)

This volume presents two fun-filled episodes: in "Surf's Up," the gang rides the waves to some upbeat Afro-pop music; and in "Riding the Range" they have a hip-hop hoedown in the Wild West. The DVD also includes two fun special features.
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8. The Backyardigans - Cave Party (DVD) (2006)

This volume presents the episodes: "Cave Party" and "Race Around the World." Bonus features include two more episodes and a music video.
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9. Backyardigans - It's Great to Be a Ghost! (DVD) (2005)

This volume introduces the entertaining series with two spooky Halloween episodes: the jazz-themed "It's Great to be a Ghost" and the '60s rock "Monster Detective." Bonus features include a fun music video. The DVD is perfect Halloween-time TV for preschoolers, with lots of talk about ghosts and monsters, but nothing that will give kids nightmares.
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10. The Backyardigans - The Snow Fort (DVD) (2005)

This winter-themed volume includes two episodes: in "The Snow Fort," the gang safeguard the world's largest snowball; and in "The Yeti," they encounter a unique snow creature.
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11. The Backyardigans - Mission to Mars (DVD) (2006)

This volume presents two more fun-filled episodes: the space-themed "Mission to Mars" (with Alicia Keys guest starring as Mommy Marian ) and the spaghetti Western "Samurai Pie," along with two Bonus episodes.

12. The Backyardigans - Movers & Shakers (DVD, 2007)

The Backyardigans: Movers and Shakers features four musical episodes: "Movers of Arabia", featuring surf music; "Cops and Robots," featuring jug band music; "Sinbad Sails Alone," featuring mambo music; and "Best Clowns in Town," featuring silly sounding music.
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