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Jim Cummings voices Ray in The Princess and the Frog


The Princess and the Frog

Jim Cummings plays Ray in The Princess and the Frog

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Ray: (Jim Cummings) Full of heart and soul, this singing Cajun firefly lights up the night with his romantic music and vibrant personality. Raymond was born and bread in the bayou, and he is mighty proud of it.

More About The Princess and the Frog:

The Princess and the Frog is a completely new take on a classic fairy tale love story. Set in the lively city of New Orleans, the tale follows Tiana, a young woman who is working very hard to open her own restaurant. But her big dream is sidetracked when she kisses a frog and is unwittingly taken on an amazing adventure. Who knows, though, maybe a little adventure is just what she needs to really get her life going.

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