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"The Safe Side: Stranger Safety" DVD Review

A Great Tool for Parents

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The Safe Side: Stranger Safety
MPAA Rating: NR
Genre: Children's educational/Stranger safety
Runtime: approx. 42 minutes
Age Range: Elementary-school-aged children

"The Safe Side: Stranger Safety" Overview

“The Safe Side” was created by Julie Clark, founder of the Baby Einstein Company, and John Walsh, host of “America’s Most Wanted.” The DVD tackles the daunting subject of stranger safety in a comical and kid-friendly way. Although the movie was created to be fun for kids, the subject matter is not taken lightly.

Safe Side Superchick often acts silly, but she is serious about safety. She first helps kids to understand who the safe people in their lives are and how to differentiate between safe people, people they don’t know, and people they “kinda know.” Safe Side Superchick then goes through scenarios about how kids can handle the different types of dangerous situations that can arise with “don’t knows” and “kinda knows.” Through the emphasis on safety and the candid, simple discussion, kids will learn the basics of being safe. It is then up to parents to discuss the ideas with their children and make sure they are prepared.

Guide Review of "The Safe Side: Stranger Safety"

I am impressed by the balance “The Safe Side: Stranger Safety” strikes between making the DVD fun and staying serious about the subject. The last thing parents want is to scare their kids to death about strangers, but the topic has to be addressed. The Safe Side DVD uses the Superchick character with her crazy hairstyles and goofy personality to lighten the subject, but she still clearly explains that you can’t tell if a stranger is someone who would hurt you or not.

I also love the emphasis on the possible danger posed by people kids “kinda know.” Many times, children are harmed by people they know, and why wouldn’t they trust their parents’ friends or a teacher or coach? The movie helps kids recognize situations wherein they should go to their parent or guardian instead of just trusting people, whoever they may be.

“The Safe Side: Stranger Safety” is very effective at educating kids about these important issues; however, as the video points out, it is essential that parents also talk with their children and reinforce the knowledge and strategies the movie introduces.

"The Safe Side: Stranger Safety" DVD Special Features

  • The DVD comes with a Viewing Guide, Hot Tips mini-poster, and safety badges.

Expand upon the "The Safe Side: Stranger Safety" Curriculum

  • Watch the DVD with your kids and talk with them about the suggested list of "Safe Side adults."
  • Roll-play with your kids. Practicing what they will do in a dangerous situation is the best way to ensure the safe response will be the first thing they think of if they are nervous or scared.

Visit The Safe Side website for more ideas and supplemental material.

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