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Throw a Magical Tinker Bell Fairy Birthday Party


Tinker Bell
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I threw a Tinker Bell fairy party for my daughter when she turned six, and it was a huge success. After all the work that went in to hosting a party for 10 little girls at my home, I was elated when I overheard one little girl say, "This is the best party I've ever been to!" I think fairy parties are the funnest to throw, and with the new line of Disney Fairies movies and related products and media, there are so many ideas and resources available.

Since the Tinker Bell DVD had just come out around the time of her birthday, I did a pajama party and we all played games and watched the new movie. The girls were too young for a sleepover, so this was the perfect way to do something a little different, but it was still only a couple of hours long. Here are some ideas we used, as well as some additional suggestions for hosting a magical Tinker Bell fairy party:

Tinker Bell Fairy Party - Decorations

Decor for a fairy party can be wonderfully easy and as simple or elaborate as you want to make it. Of course, there are Tinker Bell and Disney Fairies party supplies (Compare Prices) at any party store, but here are a few other ideas for transforming your space into a fairy wonderland:

  • I always start by laying plastic painter's tarp (available at Home Depot or Lowe's) on the floor where the main party will be. That way, kids can bring food in or whatever, and cleanup is a snap. Lay down black plastic tarp, and sprinkle fake flower petals, confetti, glitter (pixie dust) or home made paper flowers all over the floor.
  • Purchase brightly colored (or colors to match your color scheme) fake flowers and vines from the dollar store or Wal-Mart and decorate counter tops, mantels, furniture, or any other surface in the party area.
  • If you're not opposed to using thumb tacks or tape on the ceiling, the Martha Stewart website has a fall leaf cascade decoration that would look wonderfully fairy-like with falling flowers instead of leaves.
  • Use balloons, streamers, confetti, or other party decorations in matching colors to add more party pizazz.

Tinker Bell Fairy Party - Food

  • Purchase or make a fairy cake, or make cupcakes and sprinkle with fairy dust (colored sugar sprinkles). Better yet, let kids spinkle their own favorite colors of fairy dust on the cupcakes and add tiny fairy decorations such as miniature M&Ms, colored mini marshmallows, small gumdrops...
  • For our pajama party, we had sprinkled cupcakes, and I set out a huge bowl of popcorn and small bowls of brightly colored candies. The girls loved piling their plates with their favorite movie snacks.
  • If you want a healthier option, set out plates of fruits or veggies and decorate them with edible flowers (available at many health food markets) or arrange fake flowers around the table.

Tinker Bell Fairy Party - Ice Breakers

  • Our pajama party was a surprise party, so as kids arrived they went in and picked out what they wanted to use for the surprise; we had bubbles, confetti, and noisemakers. While we hid behind the counter, the girls looked at a Tinker Bell book.
  • As guests arrive, start them out with making a Tinker Bell fairy craft, a fairy dust necklace, or fairy flower crowns.

Tinker Bell Fairy Party - Games

  • Who Took Tink's Ring?: I've never seen little girls giggle as much as when we played this simple game. Sit all the girls in a circle, and string yarn around so they are all holding onto the yarn with both hands. Slide a ring onto the yarn, and tie the yarn in a knot, so that they are all holding on to a big yarn circle. Explain to the girls that fairies are big pranksters, and someone stole Tink's ring. Choose a girl to stand in the middle and be Tink. Tink closes her eyes for 10 seconds (or while music plays), while the girls slide the ring around the yarn from person to person holding the ring hidden clenched in their hands. Then Tink opens her eyes and tries to guess which fairy has her ring. After three wrong guesses, she has to close her eyes again; if she gets it right, the ring thief gets to be in the middle to play Tink. Our party girls were being too obvious, so I told them all to act guilty; it was hilarious watching them try not to blab who had the ring.
  • A Gift from Tink: Tinker Bell has a gift for the girls, but again, fairies are pranksters, so it's not without a catch. Wrap a gift 5 or more times in different colored paper. Between each paper, wrap a note from Tink that tells the girls what they must do in order to be allowed to unwrap the next layer (jump up and yell, "I love faires!", twirl around three times, do a leap...). In the box, place a present for the girls, such as a lip gloss for each of them. To decide who gets to unwrap each layer, give each girl a bag of "pixie dust" (glitter) and let them sprinkle the one who goes next.
  • Fairy Freeze Tag: Play freeze tag, but in order to unfreeze another fairy, a free fairy has to sprinkle her with pixie dust.
  • I love you pretty fairy, but I just can't smile: All of the "fairies" sit in a circle with one fairy in the middle. She picks another fairy and, saying, "Come on pretty fairy, give me a smile!", does any silly thing she can think of to make her laugh. If the fairy laughs before she can say, "I love you pretty fairy, but I just can't smile!", then she is now it. If she doesn't laugh, the fairy in the middle has to try someone else.
  • In any game, try to incorporate pixie dust. You can have a girl give the birthday girl her present and sprinkle the next girl who gets to give a present, or try to work it into any game. Little girls get such a kick out of it, even though it's just glitter.

Tinker Bell Fairy - Goody Bags

  • Fill goody bags with fairy-like trinkets such as mini bubbles, pixie stick candy, rings, lip gloss, body glitter gel, or fairy stickers.
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