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Disney Fairies: Secret of the Wings - Blu-ray Review

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Disney Fairies Secret of the Wings
Photo © Disney

Bottom line:: Secret of the Wings is the 4th movie in the Disney Fairies franchise. This delightful winter tale will thrill fairy fans of all ages.

MPAA Rating: G
Genre: Children's animated
Guide Age Recommendation: 3+
Runtime: Approx. 75 minutes

Secret of the Wings - Overview

The first Tinker Bell movie took place in the spring, Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure is an autumnal adventure, The Great Fairy Rescue is set in summertime, and as you can guess, Secret of the Wings rounds out the seasons with an adventure in the Winter Woods. When Tinker Bell finds out about this mysterious winter wonderland, she is naturally curious, and Tink's curiosity has gotten her into trouble on more than one occasion.

Unable to resist, Tink takes a step into the Winter Woods, even though she knows it's forbidden for warm season fairies to go there. She is thrilled and surprised when her wings suddenly begin to sparkle and glow. Tink embarks on a secret journey deep in the Winter Woods to get to the bottom of the strange phenomenon, and she discovers something that will change her life forever: she has a sister.

Tink meets her sister, Periwinkle, and the two become fast friends. But in Pixie Hollow, rules are made for a reason, and Tinker Bell's disobedience results in disastrous consequences for Pixie Hollow. Tinker Bell and her friends must join with the winter fairies to do all the can to save their beautiful world.

Disney Fairies Secret of the WingsPhoto © Disney

Secret of the Wings - Guide Review for Parents

A chilly winter adventure packed with character, mysterious fun, and even a little science, Secret of the Wings will thrill Disney Fairies fans of all ages. The magical Winter Woods provide a whimsical setting for the beautifully animated Fairies story, and kids will adore the trendy winter fairies and their hip, edgy style. We've waited two years for the winter fairy story, so I'm glad the wait was worth it.

Tinker Bell and her sister are united in Secret of the Wings, but they are forbidden to be together, because warm fairies are not allowed to go into the Winter Woods, and cold fairies cannot leave them. The relationship between Tink and Periwinkle gives a sweet and tender tone to the movie, and there are also a few wonderful comical moments that will have kids giggling.

The fairies do find themselves in mild peril at times, and very young children may be briefly worried for the fairies or saddened when Tink and Periwinkle are separated. As with the other Disney Fairies movies, Secret of the Wings is a very kid-safe, positive movie which both kids and parents will appreciate. Though as usual, Tink's disobedience gets her into trouble, and parents may want to talk with their kids about her choices and the consequences.

The DVD and Blu-ray also contain a Disney Fairies TV movie (22 minutes long) that aired on the Disney Channel in 2011 called Pixie Hollow Games. I'm pleased that they included this fun and funny little movie on the disc so fans can round out the Disney Fairies movie collection. Secret of the Wings is a fabulous capstone to the four movies Disney originally set out to make, and each season is well represented in the franchise. But don't worry, a sneak peek bonus feature assures that there will be more fairy fun to come.

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