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Disney Fairies Secret of the Wings: Flitterific Fun Facts!


Disney Fairies: Secret of the Wings - Flitterific Fun Facts!
Disney Fairies Secret of the Wings
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Like the other Disney Fairies movies, Secret of the Wings presents a beautifully animated adventure full of fanciful fun. When we interviewed Secret of the Wings director Peggy Holmes, we learned that the movie also has a couple of educational elements, and that filmmakers got advice from some unexpected experts. Here are a few flitterific facts about the movie you can share with your kids:
  • Shades of Blue: You may already know that Tinker Bell's sister, Periwinkle, is named after a light purplish shade of blue (and it's also a flower). But another character has a blue name you may not have heard; Lord Milori is named after a dark blue color also known as Prussian blue. Here is what Peggy told us about the naming of the characters:
    When we started, I looked at photography of winter, and I noticed there were so many awesome looking whites and blues. And one of the things we wanted to focus on in the movie, is that this can’t feel like a Christmas place...It’s a place they live, it’s there all the time. So, we needed to sort of create this magical winter, and the images I was drawn to were all the whites and the blues. So, we decided to research all the different shades of blue and find the names out of that.
  • A Sister Specialist: Filmmakers brought in a twin specialist who gave them a presentation on twins who are separated at birth and reunited later in life. They used details the specialist told them to portray Tink and Periwinkle's meeting and subsequent relationship in a realistic way. Some things they learned are that twins reunited will often have similar styles, habits and hobbies. So, Tink and Periwinkle both wear pop-poms on their shoes. Peggy also related:
    The other thing she taught us about is that, with the case of twins and that connection and having been apart for so long, that the women want to connect, and they want to learn everything about what they missed.
    These two women came in,...and from the moment they saw each other, they just started talking and the whole world went away. And she said they talked as they walked into lunch with all of us, they talked as they got into a cab, and that was sort of how they reconnect. That’s how women reconnect. And so we sort of did that with Tink and Peri too. Everything else goes away, and they just want to learn about each other’s life.
  • A Snow Specialist: Did you know there is such a thing as a snow specialist? Well, there is. And leave it to Disney to ensure every detail is perfect by bringing in a snow specialist to consult on the movie. In fact, Peggy told us that according to said specialist, the original story line would have killed off all of Pixie Hollow. So here's a fun fact they learned: frost actually protects from freeze. Periwinkle is a frost fairy. You'll have to watch the movie to find out just why that is so important.

  • Winter Fairy Hairdos: The winter fairies have a little different vibe. They are hip, trendy. Periwinkle's hair is an updo like Tink, but a very different style. To get the style just right, animators had a stylist come in and cut a wig in front of them so they could study the style from all angles and in all stages.

  • Sister Singers: The McClain sisters sing the main song, "The Great Divide," in the movie. These three sisters China Anne McClain, Sierra Aylina McClain, and Lauryn Alisa McClain can be seen singing the song in the music video, which is one of the bonus features on the Secret of the Wings Blu-ray.

  • Make a Wish: The Make a Wish Foundation had a little girl whose wish was to see Secret of the Wings. The producer made a special cut of the film and took it to her. Go to the Make a Wish Foundation website to find out more about the organization and what they do. Kids will be inspired by the stories, and they can learn about helping others and making dreams some true for those who need it most.

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