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Educational TV Shows for Kids Ages 5-9


There are plenty of educational shows for preschoolers, but what happens when your kids grow out of Imagination Movers and Dora? Here are some great shows that are both fun and educational for kids ages 5-9 years old. (Shows are listed by subject.)

1. Literacy Skills and Reading

The Electric Company
Photo © Sesame Workshop
By now, kids probably know their letters and sounds, so here are some shows that help kids learn about words, reading, vocabulary and more:

2. Math Skills

Photo © PBS
Math is such an important subject, but there aren't many TV shows that incorporate a mathematics based curriculum.

3. Science, Animals and Nature

Wild Kratts
Kids ages 5-9 years love animal and nature shows. It is wonderful how excited children get about the world around us. These wonderful shows allow children to learn more about our world, and some of them feature exotic animals and places that kids wouldn't normally get to see.
  • Wild Kratts (PBS)
  • SciGirls (PBS)
  • DragonFly TV (PBS)
  • Fetch! With Ruff Ruffman (PBS)

4. Foreign Languages and Cultures

Maya & Miguel
Photo © PBS Kids
In our global world, a knowledge about and respect for other people and their cultures is essential. These shows help kids learn about diversity, languages, and customs.
  • Maya & Miguel (PBS)
  • Postcards from Buster (PBS)
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