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Radio Rebel


Radio Rebel
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Radio Rebel - Official Synopsis

The story follows Tara Adams, an introverted high school junior who, alone in her room at home, casts herself as Radio Rebel, host of a nightly podcast on which she showcases her passion for music and self-expression. However at school, a shy Tara can't bring herself to speak in class, especially when the newly-popular rocker Gavin is around. Radio Rebel quickly gains fans on campus, especially when her show lands on a big local radio station. Her fellow students believe Radio Rebel gives a voice to everyone on the social scale, encouraging them to abandon cliques and celebrate each other's differences. As students clamor to learn the identity of Radio Rebel and the show's popularity extends across Seattle, Tara's two worlds begin to collide, and soon she is faced with keeping her on-air identity a secret or revealing who she really is.

Radio RebelPhoto © Disney

Radio Rebel - Cast

Debby Ryan as Tara Adams
Sarena Parmar as Audrey
Adam DiMarco as Gavin
Merritt Patterson as Stacy
Atticus Mitchell as Gabe

Radio Rebel - Based on the Book Shrinking Violet

This Disney Channel Original Movie is based on the YA novel Shrinking Violet, by Danielle Joseph. The book was published in 2009, so the story is up to date and presents the perfect sort of Cinderella type storyline for a Disney Channel movie. If you have a tween or teen who is interested in the story, you can find out more about the book and compare prices. The novel is 320 pages and recommended for about ages 12-17.

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