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VeggieTales: Silly Little Thing Called Love - DVD Review

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Veggie Tales: Silly Little Thing Called Love
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Bottom line: Great for Valentine's time or any time, VeggieTales: Silly Little Thing Called Love features our veggie friends in three sweet and entertaining tales about loving our neighbor, thinking of others, and being thankful.

MPAA Rating: NA
Genre: Childrens/Values
Guide recommended age: 2 years+
Runtime: Approx. 80 minutes
Studio: Big Idea

VeggieTales: Silly Little Thing Called Love - Overview

VeggieTales: Silly Little Thing Called Love features our favorite veggie friends in three sweet tales that help kids learn about love:

  • "The Story of Fibber-O-Loo": Based on the Parable of the Good Samaritan, this tale tells about a poor veggie whose fellow shoe hat-wearing countryman wouldn't help him out of a jam. But, everyone is touched when a lowly pot-wearing friend helps the veggie despite their differences.
  • "Duke and the Great Pie War": In his effort to win the heart of sweet Princess Petunia, Duke realizes that true love is thinking of others first. He helps his fellow countrymen see that when there is love, our differences don't matter.
  • "Loving God": Madame Blueberry is obsessed with stuff. But, she learns that all of her stuff cannot bring her happiness -- only God's love can.

The DVD also contains four Silly Love Songs, and throughout the DVD, we see animated Veggie Kids sharing real kids' thoughts on love.

VeggieTales: Silly Little Thing Called Love - Guide Review

One thing parents can always count on with VeggieTales is a good lesson based on a Biblical message. Usually, we can also count on a fun story that captivates kids while teaching them, and VeggieTales: Silly Little Thing Called Love contains three such stories. Each tale related through Bob, Larry, and their other veggie friends is entertaining, silly, and humorous for kids -- not to mention they are free of any objectionable content. It's a win-win for everyone.

In the first two tales, kids see examples of what it means to love our neighbor, even if others around us don't. "The Story of Fibber-O-Loo" presents a character who helps another even though they come from different towns and the people of those towns don't like each other. This good Samaritan shows kids that it is OK to help someone, or be their friend, despite what others may say about the person. Likewise, in "Duke and the Great Pie War," Duke fights for Petunia despite ridicule from his countrymen who don't like her because of where she is from.

The last story stars Madame Blueberry, who is always an exciting character to kids due to her eccentric accent and, well, blueberryness. She learn the age-old lesson that money cannot buy happiness, and, as with the other tales on this DVD, the silly and musical story presents the message in a way that kids can truly understand and apply to real life. All three of the tales on this DVD convey a lovely message to kids that they can enjoy around Valentine's Day or at any time of the year.

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