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Wild Kratts - Review for Parents

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Wild Kratts

Bottom line: Wild Kratts is a live-action/animated educational TV series for kids that chronicles the exciting adventures of the Kratts brothers as they study animals in the wild.

TV Rating: TV-Y
Genre: Children's educational
Guide age recommendation: 4-9
Episode length: half hour
Network: PBS KIDS GO!

Wild Kratts - Overview

Get ready for amazing animal adventures! Chris and Martin Kratt, a.k.a. the Kratts brothers, host this entertaining and educational show for kids that explores the animal kingdom and makes science exciting.

Each episode of the show begins with live-action footage of the Kratts brothers introducing an animal, or animals, and some interesting traits and features about their new friends. Then, as Chris and Martin ask, "What if?", they turn into cartoon characters and enter a world where they can experience the animals up close and personal. Along with the help of their very technically talented team, Chris and Martin experience rare animal events and discover how the animals' "creature features" help them in the wild. The exciting animals are the springboard for many different kinds of entertaining scientific adventures.

Wild KrattsPhoto © PBS KIDS GO!

Wild Kratts - Guide Review for Parents

PBS practically has a monopoly on educational and enriching TV shows for kids who've grown out of the preschool fare. As a parent, I still want my kids to watch shows that have some sort of value to bring to the table, so I appreciate shows like Wild Kratts that provide entertainment for grade school kids that is interesting as well as entertaining.

What Wild Kratts lacks in polish (the animation is done well, but looks slightly old-school), it more than makes up for in quality content. But don't worry, the Kratts brothers make the "quality content" exciting and fun for kids. The show capitalizes on that fact that the grade school age group has a particularly strong love for and interest in animals anyway. They hook kids' interest with live-action footage of adorable or interesting animals, and then they transform the show into an animated adventure complete with cool gadgets, perilous situations and unique information.

While according to PBS this show is geared for 6-8 year-olds, I think the show has a wider range. My 3-year-old absolutely goes nuts over Wild Kratts, and my 9-year-old happily watches it with her. The show is part of the PBS push to incorporate STEM curriculum (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) into kids' programming -- a push that has been successful and is greatly appreciated by parents and educators. The show appeals to both boys and girls, and as always, kids and parents can go online to PBSKids.org for Wild Kratts games, activities, videos and more.

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