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Yo Gabba Gabba! - TV Show Review

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Yo Gabba Gabba!

Muno the Red Cyclops, Foofa the Pink Flower Bubble, Plex the yellow robot, Toodee Blue Cat Dragon, Brobee the Hairy Green monster and Dj Lance in the orange hat.

Photo credit: Ben Clark, Nick Jr.
TV Rating: TV-Y
Genre: Childrens educational
Age group: Preschoolers
Network: Nickelodeon (Nick Jr.)

Yo Gabba Gabba! - Overview

Airing daily on Nick Jr., Yo Gabba Gabba! is a live-action magazine-style series for preschoolers. DJ Lance Rock (Lance Robertson) hosts the show, and each episode begins with DJ Lance bringing in his boom box and opening it up to reveal a colorful landscape and five toy characters -- Muno the red Cyclops, Foofa the pink flower bubble, Brobee the green little one, Toodee the blue cat-dragon and Plex the robot. Lance's magic words "Yo Gabba Gabba!" bring the characters to life, and then the fun begins.

Techno-style music and retro colors set the stage for the puppet toys as they sing, dance and play together. Along with the toy characters, the show also features live-action segments with kids, animated segments, and many guest stars who teach kids dance steps and play music. Each show is developed around a theme focusing on simple life lessons that are very relevant to preschool-aged children. The funky beat and lively characters reel kids in for a half-hour of education and entertainment.

Yo Gabba Gabba! - Guide Review

I'm not going to lie about it -- my first impression of Yo Gabba Gabba! was that it is ridiculous, way too fast-paced for kids, and potentially very annoying for parents. Then, I looked over at my two preschoolers, who were laughing, dancing, and glued to the TV set. I even had other kids over to determine if this would be their reaction as well. Not only did all the kids at the party go crazy laughing and dancing along, but I also interviewed other mothers and found that they had a similar disbelief at the pure joy their kids derived from this silly show.

I still am not a huge fan of the "magazine-style" format; I think it switches the pace too fast. But, I will say that kids emphatically dig this show, and the music's funky beat and repetitive lyrics are right on their level. I even know of a few teenagers who watch Yo Gabba Gabba! regularly just to see what off-the-wall songs and interesting artists will be featured next.

The messages in the show are simple life lessons about things such as healthy eating, friendship, and sharing. The songs help kids understand the theme and the story. Kids can take away lessons easily with this song format, especially with the easy lyrics and unique beats. Any fan of Yo Gabba Gabba! probably knows the song "There's a Party in My Tummy!", for example, which Brobee sings about his food when "carrots" and "green beans" want to join the party in his tummy.

Parents should know, though, that some of the guest artists on the show may dress a bit more maturely than we are used to seeing on preschoolers' shows. I have not noticed this in most episodes, but I have seen an off-the-shoulder dress and an artist with very mild rocker-style hair and make-up. For some parents, the techno music and trendy guest artists might be a little much. You may want to watch along with your preschooler at first, just to make sure you're OK with them diggin' the "Dancey Dance Bunch."

Yo Gabba Gabba! - Expand Upon the Curriculum

  • Encourage your kids to sing and dance along with the show, especially the segments that teach kids dance steps. Then, have your own "Dancey Dance" party. Put on some upbeat tunes and make up your own fun moves. .
  • Each character on Yo Gabba Gabba! has a completely unique look and a unique land in which they live. Challenge your kids to create a character and land of their own. Who would they want to be, if they got to be on Yo Gabba Gabba!? What color would their character be? How old?
  • Yo Gabba Gabba! features a popular song about family. Learning about families and developing family bonds is great for preschoolers who find safety and security in their family relationships. Help your preschooler make a family tree, look through a family photo album together, or let him help in planning a family reunion!
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 5 out of 5
Genius!!, Member Jules33333

The creator of this show is a genius! He found a creative way to captivate it's audience while also teaching kids important lessons in a very fun way! The show is unbelievable and I even enjoy sitting down with my 4 year old and watching it! The show finds fantastic ways to help children learn about feelings, fears, manners, healthy eating, good habits and having good character! My daughter likes the show so much she even pretends to have the characters ""visiting"" her at the house. Please-if you haven't seen the show, watch it! There are a ton of episodes with various topics. So, watch more than one-some of my favorites that I think have the best messages are: differences, clean, school, new friends, teeth, share, scary, careful and eat! I'm telling you-your child will love this show! Give it a chance! We actually went to Yo Gabba Gabba live concert as well! We saved up our money to go and it was well worth it! Especially going to the ""after-party"" where you get to meet the characters!

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